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No problem

I usually wash my car once or twice a week using the 2 bucket method. Start by cleaning your wheels first. Then start from the roof and rinse your mitt in the clean bucket after every panel. Wash your car off, and dry it with a microfiber towel.

For a quick polish, I use AF tripple or AF rejuvenate. It fills in alot of the little swirl marks and actually has a caranauba wax in it. After that, I usually put a sealant or wax. The quality of the wax you buy will basically determine how often you would have to wax your car. With pinnacle souveran i usually do it every few months.

Here is a good reference for proper methods on how to wash, polish, wax, etc.. :
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So far, so good. I've done it once, a couple months ago. In between I just wash it with Griots's car wash soap. I travel a lot so the car does not spend a huge amount of time out.
Thanks! Good tips.