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Yeah, I did a test fit this last weekend. I performed measurements before and after switching the wheels from my 220's to the aftermarket rims. With the 220's, there was 3/8" clearance from the outside edge of the wheel to the inside edge of the wheel well in the front. In the rear, there was 7/16". With the aftermarket wheels, the front again measured 3/8" but the rear was dead flush

Performing calculations, I determined that 3/8" is probably closest to 10mm and 7/16" is nearly 12mm. Conservative spacing would then have me put a 10mm spacer in the front with the aftermarket wheels and none in the back. Also, if I wanted, I could run a 10mm spacer up front and 12mm in the back with the 220's. Of course, a more aggressive spacing could change these numbers to 12mm up front with the aftermarkets and 12/15 F/R with the 220's.

So, what do you guys think? Does the more conservative or the more aggressive spacing sound like it would be a better fit/look overall?


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