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Originally Posted by krnnerdboy View Post
I'm getting Hoosiers, but I'll run the run craps for my first hpde, just to break me in....unless you think it's a bad idea for reasons unknown to me?
When i first bought my Z06 i felt like god does this car grip and handle. Well, i got rid of second gen runcraps and it was night and difference. Car gripped much better.

I ended up getting new wheels all together so needed bigger tires but before i got new wheels all local told me get better tires...i was like WTF car has 2600 miles at the time(i was still on original GY tires).

On my new tires(non goodyear) i was able to go over 1g fairly regularly and car just felt more planted. I could ever get the car to hook in first gear from a 40 roll and Goodyears i couldnt.

You're right to break yourself in go with those tires but eventually get rid of them and you'll love your car even more.