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Guess I'll have to say, we apologize that you feel that way. Our manager was indeed out during the holidays. In fact, you can PM He's the head manager here. He knows about the situation.

Never was I trying to put anything in your mouth or "BS" about the things that are going on. Your conversation with Arkym isn't something we know about. How come they don't respond to you? I'm not too sure.

No where were any of the information I stated as a lie. I advise all readers/forums members/enthusiast to read through all your threads and all mine.

Our offer here still stands, once the hood get's back here. Refund will be given after inspection. You will have documented tracking number with delivery status. We have never failed to refund anyone here on problematic products. We've only failed to receive products back.

Here's the offer from November in the other thread:

We will leave the discussion here. The offer has been given. If you want to follow through; email or, since you think Bobby isn't someone you want to work with. Further discussion of this case seems unnecessary since the policies stated in my two post seem to be fair and legit. We'll leave the offer open for 7 business days (after that, we'll just have to say sorry).
From this point, I think we can tell who is actually playing around:b arf: