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Originally Posted by knolow View Post
Izzy great bonus video! Dam Zim is knocking em down!
Zim car moves no doubt but a stock 997.2 Turbo S trap over 130 MPH and in the mid 10s so dunno what was goin on.
Originally Posted by 1SICKM View Post
Don't be fooled by the 10.6-10.8 @127mph times the 675hp turbo s was putting down. He was on street tires and we think there may be issues with the tune. That car is a low 10sec/high 9's with more seat time. Izzy....we need to get in on the dyno soon. Regardless, M33 put the smack down on him a few times!
Yea def Scott,Davids car is missing something.We will get it on the Dyno and once we have some numbers,David can contact Promotive and see whats goin on cause that kit on the car ain't cheap.
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Great numbers