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Chicken eggs hu?
A fool and their money are soon parted :-)
Such is life.
You know I can't bitch! I'm sitting on my couch and across from me is my second hand 10 year old parachute container that cost me $3k. A new one...$6k easy.

It cost me just north of $2k and one broke shinbone to get my wings to skydive.
So to make my first real solo dive which lasted all of 1 min from 13k ft.

$5k/min? Shit even I have to small. So how dare I of all people question?
I guess if the woman can afford it, than you know what...more power to her! And I would be more than happy to date such a smart well employed women who has her life together that she has $10k of spending money.

But if she is putting it on her credit cards......or working another job just to afford it...then I'm not sure how I feel about that...not good.