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Originally Posted by PhillyNate View Post
This sums up the Eisenmann Race PERFECTLY. I agree with everything except the love and hate part. I love mine period. I never feel it's too loud either. Spot on with that minor amendment.
ER sounds like a beast for just a muffler. I actually love the drone, makes the driving experience that much more visceral. Its not my DD, but still think I'd be fine with the drone on a daily basis. The on throttle sound is massive and the off throttle (motor coming back down to idle) has a beautiful note as well. I'm looking for an X-Pipe to make it louder. If you go this route, be sure to get one with resonators or the rasp could be unbearable. You can find used ER's on here weekly basis and for abotu half of what you were quoted. I paid $1800 shipped with connecting pipes and it looked like absolutely brand new.

Heres a poor quality vid of mine. It sounds much better in person. A lot of the exotic notes are muddied down.