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Originally Posted by AshyLarryMP View Post
A new software update came out less than a week ago. My 2011 zcp dct was running 2010 software. The dealer said I was running E89X-10-09-511. Now I am running E89X-12-07-508. The new build is also referred to as 2.48.2.

The bucking problem in 1st gear is now gone.

It cost me $150 because the update wasn't done to fix a specific problem. I just wanted to have it done. However, I bet I could have gotten them to pay for it if I told them my car was bucking.

If you are running very old software you need to have it upgraded. Don't spend too much time thinking about it, just do it. I'm actually a little pissed off that the car didn't run like this when I bought it.
what dealer in SD did you take it to? I've been going to South County for service solely due to horror stories I've heard from friends w/ E92s that took their cars to Vista and Encinitas...