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Originally Posted by 6spdg37s View Post
Ok I jst did this, have a question.. The radar powers up and is bright then it gets dimmer.. i cant tell if thats how it always has been and i never noticed it or if it is due to a- a poor connection with the wire tap? b- i bent the 4 amp fuse a little and bent it back or c- idk ?

help please ? thanks !
Don't know the reason, but I don't recall my V1 ever doing that. My friends, when we use the shoddy wire would beep once the continuously click, so it was getting power but it wasn't getting power properly. Maybe it's not getting the power it needs properly, for whatever reason.

I noticed a few people have tried this method by now, maybe someone else can chime in about reduced display lighting/power, but it's not something that I ever recall experiencing.