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Originally Posted by Imola.ZHP View Post

Who buys an expensive luxury vehicle and expects it to have good resale value at less than a year old...

People crack me up, cars are not appreciating assets. If your concerned with resale value, NEVER BUY NEW!

I bought my ZHP 3 years old (CPO'd) with 32,500 on the clock. It originally stickered at nearly DOUBLE what I paid for it. Having purchased two brand new cars (prior to the BMW purchase) I can say that there was no benefit to buying either of the new cars I From now on I'll buy CPO'd...

So what if someone else farted in the drivers seat first, as long as it doesn't still stink... Nearly 7 years later and 85,000 miles, she still makes me smile everyday. Considering she's been paid off for 3 years, I'd say I've saved a bundle on overall cost of ownership...
other than you get to have exactly what you want, not what someone else wanted... that's also half the fun