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Originally Posted by kotik View Post
makes sense, thanks.

if I put H&R race springs, would it improve?
I did the pin removal, so my front is at about -2.5 i believe.

I have a lot of issues going into turns, it feels like the car weights 20 tons. Understeer is pretty bad, and when I try to correct, the whole car just plows all together. It leans sooo much! I rode in my buddies GT3rs with stock suspension, and that thing is like on rails. Also, i've been passed by some NA M3's, with full suspension, and their cars just go in turns so nicely.

Right now my best time is around 8 flat with small traffic, on a second lap, but I am greatly limited by my brakes... I really need something better, was thinking about stoptech BBK, stock size, but i heard they are much better. Also was reading somewhere about some upgraded rotors... it is my understanding that stock rotors have ventilation issues, thus are bad, so if i can just upgrade the rotors without calipers, i'd save $, right?
H&R race springs: Will it be an improvement? I don’t know if it would be an improvement for the Ring. Either way it would only be a very slight difference…… will not correct what you are experiencing.
Camber: Unless you have an extremely rare car you probably only getting -1.5 in the front. Don’t quote me but the H & R race springs might allow the car to sit lower thus allow more like -1.7 or -1.9.
If you don’t want the front to plow I would suggest the following:
1) Install camber plates. You can run -2.2 and still save the front tires. It will still push. You could try to run -2.5 or more but will have to run 40lb. on the street. Ideally you would run -3.0+ for the track.
2) Run 275s in the front in addition to the camber plates.
3) Turn off the TC and MDM, push down with your right foot and the rear will come around nicely Just kidding. Dont do anything you are not comfortable with.
A BBK kit (at least the fronts) would be smart.
You really need to find a shop that knows what they are doing. Fredy & Ralph @ Rent4Ring are the only people I have met over there. Good guys and they know how to set up a car for the Ring. Fredy loves BMWs and could most likely help. The KW club sport would correct your problems. Pay one of those guys for coaching. Fredy has done Bridge to Gantry in 8:06……….in a 140 hp. Suzuki Swift!!!

Richard: I will work on getting some pictures up. (she is only a few days from starting for the first time)