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Originally Posted by EuroTunerz5 View Post
And yet my resale is shit on a 9 month old car... I'm not buying it. My Acura held its value 100 times better.

Who buys an expensive luxury vehicle and expects it to have good resale value at less than a year old...

People crack me up, cars are not appreciating assets. If your concerned with resale value, NEVER BUY NEW!

I bought my ZHP 3 years old (CPO'd) with 32,500 on the clock. It originally stickered at nearly DOUBLE what I paid for it. Having purchased two brand new cars (prior to the BMW purchase) I can say that there was no benefit to buying either of the new cars I From now on I'll buy CPO'd...

So what if someone else farted in the drivers seat first, as long as it doesn't still stink... Nearly 7 years later and 85,000 miles, she still makes me smile everyday. Considering she's been paid off for 3 years, I'd say I've saved a bundle on overall cost of ownership...

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