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Originally Posted by Beemw335 View Post
My service advisor and I spoke about this kind of thing.
Yes there are laws stating that the mod has to have cause the damage.
For example: I put a supercharger on my car and the suspension fails...well they cant deny me suspension work because of a blower.
Well engine and exhaust DO go together. While an axle back will never be the reason for a voided warranty, cats are a different story. Cats dramatically reduce the back pressure and could EASILY be used to deny engine work.
He told me theyve gone to court numerous times and at the wnd of the day BMW has the best lawyers and will basicaly always win; all they have to say is our car was designed to run on stock back pressure.

Ps: BMW could report anyone who tampers with emissions equipment and its a 5 thousand dollar fine...
So you are trying to tell me with catless exhaust if you have the notorious bearing failure, or an injector failure, or an ITB sticks closed, or a timing chain starts making noise that the exhaust is to blame? That's a crock.

I'd laugh if they threatened me with the backpressure argument, exhaust backpressure is BAD for an engine, and by releasing any the engine would work easier and cooler, this is also VERY well documented.
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