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what street performance means....

Yes, a 458 ferrari will outperform a C63 on the race track. No competition.
But what does street driving mean to everyone here? I doubt that I could safely drive a 458 to my office with a faster time than I could a C63-there are small issues like traffic, speed limits, cops and the risk of killing someone else. For street driving I bet I can break the speed limit plenty fast enough in a C63 and I can enterain three friends while doing it. I suppose a 458 and a C63 would be the perfect combo. Not willing to tie up that much cash in a car that I would only drive once a week or so not to mention needing to flat bed transport to Dallas for service work.
And really when it comes down to it I know a guy here who bought a ferrari-he makes sure to tell everyone he has it and how much it costs... I sort feel revolted and bad for his p*nis at the same time... pretty pathetic.. definately don't want to be that guy. Now if I got a sweet 355 that is enough of a classic I would think about having that as a toy...

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Not even close. Drive a 458 and a C63 back to back, and the difference is night and day.