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Originally Posted by STi_traitor View Post
I would say if BMW made it for the car to help with warm up then why remove it? Just remove the RPM limiter while your at it and hit her hard at a cold start up! Another thing, if you don't want to trust the tuner you might not want to let him touch your engine. Wait for it, waaaaaiit for it.........KNOWLEDGE BOMBED!!

Sorry, I am an *** and I know it.
I'm sorry for askin mr.know it all and I'm not ***!
I'm not here to start this BS. So please be more civilized....

You sound so immature.
Well, then I would like to ask you why do change your rims, tires, suspension, exhaust etc. if bmw made it for the car?!

Sorry for being defensive but you came so aggrevatingly.
I just wanted an answer since I have seen many people in this forum have done it and tuners here offers it and endorse it. So I thought it wasn't a bad thing, but this tuner say it's really bad like its the end of the world.
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