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Originally Posted by Jackbenimble View Post
I had a body shop fix a bit of the fitment but still not happy. My main concern pertains to the gap at the pillar. looks lke the coupe fits worse then my sedan yet im still not a fan, installed a Vis hood on an e46 m3 that fit better then this. and that cost 500 not 2k.

In all honesty im slightly glad I spent less then half price as thats what the hoods worth at the most. Also I enjoy the fact that PY's customers base will diminish in this community due to this thread people need to know these people are trying to make a huge profit on pennies..I would never wish bad on someone but I hate bullsh*t retailers even if most of them just want your money..but not in an enthusiast based community, this should be the least of our concern.

Like you said, the product was never bought through us and you have bought from another private seller. Installation for this matter does require countless adjustment and or tweaking to have it fit. The M3 hood does have a few adjusting locations. You can obtain this info by looking at the OEM installation guide.

As far as going beyond and giving our company a bad reputation, I think it's unnecessary. We never sold you the product. You have never dealt directly with us. We're just carrying a product as a distributor. The issue is between you, the seller, and perhaps Arkym (if the hood was made poorly). Not sure why your jumping in the thread and making accusations flaming our company. From what I'm gathering, your pissed at the fitment of Arkym products. There's no direct relationship with PYSpeed. There are other sellers who sell Arkym products as well.

Originally Posted by Port Canaveral M3 driver View Post
ARKYM. I Just cancelled my order for (2013 M3 Coupe) three pieces, front lip (SE lip) rear diffuser, trunk lip for a total of $2339.00. The main reason I cancelled was a lack of communication concerning delivery date. It's been about two months since I placed my order. My order was fully paid for. When you are spending thousands of dollars on their products and willing to wait for a build then at least they should call you or keep you on a production list so you know what is going on and advise you of production delays, lack of parts, what ever. Bobby at PYSpeed was very nice, very professional when I spoke to him by phone after no answer to e-mail after 4.5 days (perhaps I did not wait long enough on my part, am I too impatient?). I felt he was having problems getting confirmation from the factory. Bottom line, I asked for a refund and will re-think my next move. If this is considered a "cottage industry" (is it?) would you say I jumped the gun and did not give ARKYM enough time ie perhaps another month or two to build my three items? How long should it take to at least get a trunk lip done? I might have waited longer if I could at least get started with one piece, even if I had to pay a little more for shipping at this point LOL. I feel kind of bad for canceling but what should be considered reasonable time limits for ARKYM VS IND VS other CUSTOM/ TOP NAME builders of carbon M3 lip, rear diffuser and trunk lip parts for the M3? Plus best COMMUNICATIONS about your ORDER?
I apologize for the issue and the lack of communication through email. The backorder status and production status isn't something we can control as it's in the hands of the manufacturer. In your stance, don't feel bad for cancelling the product. We give all customers a timeframe for the products turnaround time. The manufacturer quoted us that time frame. If it's not met, we're happy to process the refund. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Originally Posted by doree610 View Post
wow, its crazy how you come to find reviews AFTER you place an order for a product. i purchased an Arkym front lip with PYSPEED in early October. don't get me wrong, the guys there have been prompt with their responses and very apologetic for the delay. however after 2 long months of waiting, my lip finally arrived yesterday, cracked and damaged right down the center.

Sean at Pyspeed has been helpful and looking into the matter, claiming the damage with UPS. but i don't know if i want to wait another couple months for another to be made. once everything is figured out with UPS, PYSPEED agreed for a refund. just hoping its worked out very soon, will keep everyone posted. really sucks, cause the arkym lip was my favorite.. and although in my situation this was probably the fault of UPS during its delivery. its still sad, cause threads like this isn't helping build trust into the arkym brand...
We're working with UPS on the issue. You should have received a PM from me regarding updates, options, and how to proceed. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks