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Originally Posted by Mike Benvo View Post
Yes, wideband - also logging vanos targeted position vs actual position for intake and exhaust camshafts. I use many different tools to log, from factory tools such as INPA, BT, and the logging software I posted a picture of. Big difference between setting actual targets and actually achieving them. You can see from the screenshot I posted that the targeted position and actual position almost match exactly.

No knock. I run less ignition timing than DINAN does I couldn't believe my eyes the other day when a DINAN car I retuned in Canada (chowster I think is his name on this board) had 37 degree ignition targets at redline using 91 octane. Way too much! A lot of tuners like to set timing targets high and ride on the knock sensors. I prefer to set realistic and achievable targets and use the knock sensors as a secondary means to reduce ignition timing.

This way the car is always happy and isn't trying to overshoot.

Now I did put a 95-96 octane tune in my car the other day with 100 octane fuel and I'm about ready to move to the east coast just because the fuel here in CA is terrible. The difference with higher octane is massive. You can actually hear the engine note change around 6,500 RPM and up (if you listen closely) due to the cam timing adjustments:

My plugs have 18k on them. On the track I was hitting 8,800 RPM. God I love this V8.

Your killing me! I cant wait till I am in a position for an E90 M3 next year God Willing.
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