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Originally Posted by Dozhdbog View Post
And it won't be long before new battery tech is implemented.
And you know this how?

Listen until gasoline, and all its synthetic substitutes are gone, the electric car is not going to be a viable alternative to the internal combustion engine. Until electric batteries reach the energy density of gasoline (which they never will) electric cars will be the vehicle of the rich and famous planet-savers and that's about it. Ion Musk thinks he can become the next Henry Ford, but it will never happen. Musk is trying to replace a technology that is cheap and plentiful with something that is expensive and not functional.

ICE car: drive 500 miles fill up with a new load of fuel in 5 minutes. Electric car: drive 230 miles and fill up with a new load of fuel in 1.5 hours (best case scenario for a full charge). Go do the math.

You need to understand this simple fact. Jet airplanes, which allow for cheap, efficient, international travel run on petroleum-based fuel. They do because the energy density is so high for jet fuel (i.e. gasoline, diesel, etc.). In other words, it is a light-weight fuel. Until the last drop (source) of light-weight, high-energy density jet fuel is about to go away, no other fuel alternative will be economically viable. This means that the industrial infrastructure that supports jet fuel will be around to make gasoline and diesel, which means ICE cars will rule the day for many lifetimes to come.

Just accept these facts and move on. Let's keep on the path of higher efficiency of burning petroleum fuel in our cars; we'll be better for it.

Rant over...