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Originally Posted by Arben72 View Post
The Xfr is 100k if I'm not mistaken. You could get a lightly used cl63 for that money. The 2012s and newer can get 700 hp with very light mods. It also has a much nicer interior.
Well I've had my modding fun with my past cars. After that Camaro I've learned to keep modding out of my dailies. I DO like the C63, but I like the M3 more. I actually prefer the XFR's interior.. I like how the vents and shifter pop up when you turn it on and the seats are SO SO SO comfortable. The one I was in had black/red leather with piano black accents. Looked so good. I dont like how much plastic there is, but they make it look nice, so I guess it's okay. EDIT: cant forget the backup camera! Today was my first time using one of those and they're cool!

One thing I didnt check was if it had navigation or not? That's a MUST have. I'm gonig to look that up now..