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Guys, help.. I test drove a Jag.

I hope this is the right section. I mean, its M3 related.

So here's the story: I dropped my M3 off for oil and "intake silencer". I never sit in the waiting room because of how bored I get, so I took a walk to the Maserati/Jaguar dealership where I got my GT. My salesman saw me and asked what I was up to, told him I was getting my BMW serviced and I was just looking at their inventory. He asked how much time I said, and I replied with 2 hours...

20 minutes later I was test driving a 2013 Jaguar XFR barreling down the road at 120MPH. Now, before the M3 my daily was a 600rwhp Camaro, and that was my benchmark for this test drive. I was impressed. It has tons and tons of torque and loves to push you back into the seat. It's EXTREMELY comfortable and I think I even prefer the interior to the M3. It's just.. a really nice package.

I'm not sure what to do. Half of me says dump the M3 and grab the Jag, the other half says I'm being stupid.