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those who say 1800 is too much for a bag have to realize it's a different world.

like how about us who spend $ on our cars?

When I had my E93 M3, my brake pads cost me $1200 installed with tax etc.

The mods I put in my BMWs in the past 3.5 years are probably around $40,000. You tell this to any non-enthusiast and s/he will be like 'wtf?! You could've bought another nice car for that money!"

But as always, to each his own. You spend money on what you feel makes you happy.

LV doesn't do sales unfortunately. My ex-Japanese gf who was a hostess used to get LV/Dior/etc bags all the time (about 2-3 new ones per month). I couldn't compete, but then again I never needed to...

You're paying for her education, and if you feel she deserves the LV, get it. But don't over-spoil her now