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Originally Posted by Chowster View Post
Interestingly, I'm in exactly the same boat. Stock > Dinan stage 1 > Benvo/BPMSport.

Vin's opinions above are very similar to my thoughts, but I will reserve any extensive commentary until I have had a chance to really spend some more time at full throttle above 5 or 6k. The weather in the PNW has been really wet and somewhat cold - it really hasn't stopped raining for the past few weeks (I think Mike doesn't believe me!).

Why did I make the switch? I'm awaiting the arrival and installation of my Turner Test Pipes, and thus I needed a different tune to take care of the CEL. As with Vin, I was really pleased with my coding with Mike, and thus I became a repeat customer.

The BPMSport tune thus far has been great with a smoother and more linear throttle response, lots of great mid-range torque b/w 3-5k, with a much-improved cold-start sequence and driveability. My limited time above 6k thus far has been truly eye-opening, with a sensation of lifting off the road due to the new-found thrust. I can't wait to drive it more, especially once the weather improves, the summer setup goes back on, and the test pipes are installed!
You need to stomp on it to really appreciate it...put it in 2nd or 3rd gear and then just floor it at 4k RPM...feels exhilarating - like a different car.