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Originally Posted by BMWJ View Post
Not sure what to make of a review that claims a few hp increase = "my car now feels like a gorilla being raped and ENJOYING IT!" How many HP exactly do you gain??? Talk about being/not being subjective......
I was just quoting what some of the other posters have said and I was elaborating on it or embellishing on the other's statements to be more descriptive. In no way was I implying that my car is now an immensely quicker car. It is noticeable and I enjoy it...the debate about whether there is more power in a tune is no longer subjective to me but in my eyes factual. I hope this clears things up and sorry for the confusion.

This is exactly why I don't like to post is difficult to interpret at times and causes animosity. It really ruins it for people looking for just some idea and thoughts about a product. I will refrain from future impressions.