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I clearly explained the 80 percent. You see enough m3's. Why not take a video of a stock vs a benvo tuned car and do some rolls and races. Show the domination of 2 bus lengths with any tune (sarcasm) I run businesses for a living and if a tune made that much difference than you would quantify it because it would sell like crazy if you did

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I'm not sure you know fact from fiction.

The throttle response in my software is modified by less than three percent. Sometimes it's not modified at all - it depends on customer request. It's not a placebo effect.

It's a ridiculous statement to say that a properly tuned car will not outperform a stock counterpart with the same modifications. I guess we shouldn't mod our cars since it doesn't do anything.

Based off your threads such as I'm inclined to disregard pretty much everything you say. In other threads you were unable to understand the concept of a baseline dyno. You like to compare apples to oranges. You mentioned "the other 20 percent" but failed to mention anything about the other 80%... If you have factual evidence to support your baseless conclusions, please do share with us.

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