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Originally Posted by 206_m3 View Post
yeah what your looking for is certainly out there. Don't let anyone on here say it's not possible! i hope you get what your looking for! i myself am looking for an 08 e92 M3 kinda in your range but i'm willing to pay 44k for one....GL with your find i know you'll find one!
Thank you!

funny you mention the one on the east coast for 29k. i am in the financing process of buying that car. Its beautiful if the odometer didn't read 93k you would think it had 30k . the car was one owner and has been IMHO over maintained. i have looked at 40k m3s for 10k more in way worse condition then that car. keep looking you will find one for that price range. it would be a lot easier if ppl would price them correctly i have seen many priced easily 5k over every book value with sellers that have no interest in negotiating. good luck!
p.s. if the deal falls through i did the test drive on that blue one for you its mint.
That's great. Definitely keep me posted if it falls through. Thanks for the heads up.

Well, you have to keep in mind that it does snow up in the north east. And they put down gravel and salt roads during the winter. That means cars that are driven in the winter can have rust and other damage from the weather. That can easily account for why the cars are less expensive.
Trust me I know. I lived 15 years on East Coast and New England shoveling snow and changing winter tires on all my M cars. Most german cars that rust are ones that are built in 80s. Newer ones will rust too of course, but usually if owner neglects to wash their car often during winter months. Easy check from underneath the car during car buying. Other than that it is all the same. In CA, paint and dashboard is burnt from the sun, not to mention our wonderful 9% tax. You will always have something.