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Originally Posted by DASHOCKER View Post
i've sat and driven the new GS and other Lexus models and was not impressed @ all. How can mags hail the new gs the best driving car in class? Granted, it has improved from past gens but it does not drive better than a 5 series sport. I'll post pics tonight of my visit to the dealer
Because it has the best numbers.

From skidpad to slalom to track times to subjective measures like feedback through the steering wheel or "feeling like the car is on rails" (which incidentally is really just a function of skidpad/slalom and how much roll the body has).

Of course this is only comparing the new GS350 to the 535i. Personally I'd wouldn't by either car because they're both a bit too slow for my liking. The extra horsepower of the 550i (or higher) completely trumps any advantage in handling that the new GS has, imo.

Although, I've seen your posts before and you seem to have an almost irrational and personal hatred towards the Lexus brand and dare I say a cult-like obsession towards German brands, tbh.