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Some of you are completely missing the point here. There is NO QUESTION about the superiority and enjoyability of the driving experience. The point is that the opportunities to enjoy driving exotics are rare, while the costs and hassles of ownership are high. It is the cost to benefit ratio that is the issue, irrespective of whether one can afford it.

That said, I did say in my original post that my thoughts really do not apply to the super-wealthy who are just living a different type of existence.

If you can hire someone full time just to tend to your stable of cars, then you are paying someone to deal with all the hassles.

If you don't need to actually work and generate a 7 figure annual income just off investments, and can spend 100 days a year going from track to track in your private jet while your exotics are trailered around the country, then obviously you are living a different type of existence from most.

I am referring to working higher earners. It is a nice life, but certainly not self-sustaining without continued work. Yes, you can afford a Gallardo, and the insurance, and the maintenance, but you still have to think about the value of it all.

Saildoc's post #106 is right on !!
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