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Originally Posted by laurenxesq View Post
Sorry, I was driving on Robertson late saturday night; not parked...... I like to go cruise during late nights in that part of town, then go to J or K town for midnight snack.

Thanks for the compliment on the vehicle, thus the driver is a long hair Asian four-eye legal nerd
As a fellow nerd with an extreme color (gotta love the LSB ) I too enjoy cruising the town late at night and the Beverly Hills/Westwood area is fun for this. My midnight snacking usually takes me to closer to the beach or to the Valley. There may need to be a coordinated midnight snack run soon

Originally Posted by laurenxesq View Post
let me know the next MClub LA meet, I'll try to come by in the FO M3, k?
For sure! We'll be having a meet next week, I hope I get a chance to see that awesome FO up close
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