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That's probably my favorite bumper for an "OEM" look.

Another difference with that bumper is the subtle flares just above the two ducts on each side. An OEM bumper doesn't flare out like that if you see what I'm trying to say (basically the duct opening is accentuated, and I love that)

For a non OEM look but still not straying too far I love the Arkym race bumper. It has what seems to be a molded arkym lip for the lower bumper portion, the same accentuated ducts like the GTS3 bumper, only on the arkym the are angled more giving the car a snarling effect.

And I'm not sure why you want CF fenders? They would be painted and IMO not worth it.

I'll try to find you some pictures

Photos courtesy of IND (who can sell you the bumper)

GTS3 left OEM right: You can see the GTS3 flare compared to OEM

GTS3 with flare clearly visible

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