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Interestingly, I'm in exactly the same boat. Stock > Dinan stage 1 > Benvo/BPMSport.

Vin's opinions above are very similar to my thoughts, but I will reserve any extensive commentary until I have had a chance to really spend some more time at full throttle above 5 or 6k. The weather in the PNW has been really wet and somewhat cold - it really hasn't stopped raining for the past few weeks (I think Mike doesn't believe me!).

Why did I make the switch? I'm awaiting the arrival and installation of my Turner Test Pipes, and thus I needed a different tune to take care of the CEL. As with Vin, I was really pleased with my coding with Mike, and thus I became a repeat customer.

The BPMSport tune thus far has been great with a smoother and more linear throttle response, lots of great mid-range torque b/w 3-5k, with a much-improved cold-start sequence and driveability. My limited time above 6k thus far has been truly eye-opening, with a sensation of lifting off the road due to the new-found thrust. I can't wait to drive it more, especially once the weather improves, the summer setup goes back on, and the test pipes are installed!
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