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"There is contradiction in every statement BMW (or you?) make. First no BMW M Supercar because demand would not enough high. BMW doen't want such a "failure" as the LFA. Now, BMW wants a supercar super exclusive, not something as common as an R8. This makes no sense."
For now BMW has no plans for such a car but in the longer term they would like to do so and 2016 is when such an idea becames a more realistic proposition because that time BMW can extensively dress their cars in CFRP panels much lower than their competitors.

The next 7er which I have seen in the body-in-white mixes so many materials that weight reduction is highly significant than the current 7er .
Just because we are four or so years away that we do not talk about these things in our marketing meetings.

And what they would like to do is to keep the M car as an M and lead with a exclusive sub-brand model under BMW M. Like BMW i has the i8.
The model that we talk about is the same idea as the classic M1 - For such a car to work it has to stand out. Our competitors have now become part of the background. The exclusive angle demonstrated by the McLaren MPC is very much admired because it appears to be less commercial.

But as I have said priority lies with the BMW i8 and BMW i8 Spyder our progressive ground breaking Sports car.
Step 1.