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Benvo Tune 1, Dinan Tune 0

Hey everyone,

Just thought I would post my Benvo/BPMSport tune review. I typically don't review products on a forum because opinions are very subjective, but Mike was such a pleasure to deal with and such a stand up guy, I feel he deserves an additional note of recognition. Ultimately the bottom line is that the results were not subjective at all...

Let me start off by saying that I got a chance to drive the car stock, with a Dinan tune and finally with Mike's/BPMSport tune so I think I can comment on the differences between these two modifications. Everyone says after a tune the car "should have come from the factory this way". Well I'm going to do my best to quantify that statement because that statement can be said about all tunes regardless of company.

The Dinan tune does improve the driveability of the car and it does feel "smoother" and a little peppier and I thought the money invested while expensive was justifiable because of the way the car now drives (the whole reason we all bought this car). It was smoother and the transition in the feel of power/torque came on with a more linear feel. Despite just a slight increase in seat of the pants feel, I was comfortable sleeping at night with the expense because of how much smoother/linear the car felt. Well that was before the Benvo/BPMSport tune...

After a decision to have Mike tune my car because he was such a gentleman during the remote coding process, I may have to take back what I said about the Dinan tune. I really don't think with the Benvo/BPMSport tune out in the market that the expense is justified.

Now in reviews others have said "my car now feels like a gorilla being raped". Well, I would change that phrase to saying "my car now feels like a gorilla being raped and ENJOYING IT!" Everything about the car is better after the Benvo/BPMSport tune. The car's slight jerkiness completely smoothed out based on my style of driving (DCT). The car was not only more linear but the mid-range torque between 4-5k was very noticeable (where we spend a lot of our time) and not just slight...and the "enjoyable rape" happens after 5k where the car pulls like a banshee. This is all above and beyond an already tuned car. I couldn't imagine what it would feel like if the car were bone stock.

The low end driveability is much improved...while power is felt very slightly over the Dinan tune, the bucking and jerking virtually diappeared.

Anyone on the fence about doing this mod would be doing themselves a disservice if they decide they didn't care about the power or additional finesse you are adding to the drive of the car. You will enjoy the primary reason you bought the car for ten times over after the tune. With Mike Benvo, not only do I get the experience of an enthusiast that cares about your satisfaction, I get an OBDII cable and the ability to revert the car back to "stock" if there were any issues AND I GET THE 240e software in the bundle. I view that as a tremendous value add over the Dinan.

I don't understand why someone would spend extra money on an option to enhance the comfort or feature of the car but not spend the extra money to have the car drive better than when it left the factory. This mod is cheaper than most options from the factory for the car. Do this over beauty pieces for those on the fence .... I totally get the concerns of those with warranty but if Mike says the tune is transparent and given his knowledge and extensive experience, I believe him and did it.

With the availability of 93 octane tune for areas with that type of gas you can get more timing than a "generic" works all over the country 91 octane tune that I think Dinan uses to be conservative.

I think BMW would live up better to its slogan as the Ultimate Driving Machine after a Benvo/BPMSport tune.

Disclaimer...I have no interest or relationship with Mike other than being happy with his services and product (I know it sounds like he is my son or something). I paid full price for his work and feel that I got a steal at that price. Thank you Mike for your dedication to the sport and your professionalism through the process.


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