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There really is no hybridization. Yes, its a fuel cell running electric. But the "battery" is hydrogen.

A traditional battery will never work. They are too slow to charge and they wear out quickly. Top Gear put it right, who wants a car that has a $7,000 gas tank that takes hours to fill and needs to be replaced every few years? The car of the future is the car of today. Hydrogen gives us the, "drive to the pumps" experience that works so well today.

And its considerably closer than the idea of a "station" where someone swaps out a 500lb battery pack to get you to the next station:

I want BMW to make a 3 series version of this, Id be on it the moment stations become ubiquitous (which will happen when fuel gets too expensive). If the wiki article is correct and you are looking at $5 per 60 miles then its bang-on for cost of fuel now. The cars are still pricey (only available at lease because they are nearly $200k to make) but their shortcomings will be solved and the prices will drop considerably faster than battery tech can advance.

The sooner we get people converted over to this then the longer I can continue to put gasoline in my high powered toys.

True electrics only work as "city" cars. It would always be a second car option, not the primary option. You'll always need a petrol car in the garage for the days when you need to drive more than 100 miles, so people will always start with that car and the electric would be the "if I had the money" car.