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Originally Posted by 1SICKM View Post
So your assumption that the clutch was slipping was spot on when you called the other night. That sucks! Keep us in the loop....
I dont think his clutches are slipping, I think his transmission is similar to mine and something else is up. My car under WOT doesn't slip, but the tranny is notchy/clunky as hell. I hope he gets it fixed because I'll follow and do the same if we can find out what it is! If the tranny is slipping it would slip at high rpm - I think this "slip" zim is describing is the same delay and subsequent clunk that I experience when shifting at like 2-4krpm. He knows what I'm talking about I told him about it on the phone the other night. Scott your DCT is fine? You're lucky man! lol....what I'm experiencing doesn't effect performance, however it ruins the smoothness of the car around town at any other time than when I race (or used to for that matter). It almost feels as if something is loose or not sitting right - it could be something wrong with the tranny as well as the drivetrain. Those launches we do destroy both.