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Originally Posted by m33 View Post
It's not the opposite Scott "1sickM" is 100% right launch control will control the launch ( doing what is was designed to do ) whereas hitting it in 1st has a violent effect On the clutch and will cause a slip spot.

I think I might need a new clutch due to this very reason from our previous track event I did about 50 launches starting in first.
Reason ? When I was using launch control I was doing standstill burn outs due to tires not being sticky enough or at least not being Drag radial tires .

The car is at the dealer getting check out but i think it needs a new clutch .
All odd gears slip, have a sloppy jerky shift into the odd gears whereas the even ones are smooth ...
You play you pay & the messed up part is I always preached not to do what I did but when your in the moment and excited focusing on your 60' ft's you can easily forget or do something stupid as I did ...

no I def get it, but a violent launch is gonna kill the drietrain regarldess; LC slips the clutch enough, but that in turn is more wear on the clutch faces. In any event wheelspin is better than breaking Hope car gets fixed