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Originally Posted by m3an
Originally Posted by 1SICKM View Post
When you floor the gas pedal in DCT it does a 3000rpm clutch drop and it can be pretty violent. LC launches at 5500 but it doesn't drop the clutch but rather the trans slips on purpose to reduce wheel spin. I think LC is a lot less stressful on the tranny than most think vs the clutch drop from a dead stop in 1st gear
I would think it's the opposite. (at least for the clutches).

LC is really just slipping the clutch more, whereas just dumping is def less wear on the clutch but def harsher on the driveline. The fine point in between is where its at!
It's not the opposite Scott "1sickM" is 100% right launch control will control the launch ( doing what is was designed to do ) whereas hitting it in 1st has a violent effect On the clutch and will cause a slip spot.

I think I might need a new clutch due to this very reason from our previous track event I did about 50 launches starting in first.
Reason ? When I was using launch control I was doing standstill burn outs due to tires not being sticky enough or at least not being Drag radial tires .

The car is at the dealer getting check out but i think it needs a new clutch .
All odd gears slip, have a sloppy jerky shift into the odd gears whereas the even ones are smooth ...
You play you pay & the messed up part is I always preached not to do what I did but when your in the moment and excited focusing on your 60' ft's you can easily forget or do something stupid as I did ...