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Originally Posted by slicer View Post
I would suspect the "plastic insert" which I assume you mean the hub-centric adapter ring. I would also suspect that one or more of the wheels is bent. Did you buy cheap wheels for winter use? If so, there's a good chance one has bent. I have learned my lesson the hard way on cheap wheels. Not worth the trouble because they often bend easily. I typically install snows on my OEM wheels and purchase a quality forged wheel for summer use.
I thought of that too. These are brand new rims (4). The price is less than 1/2 of dealership, but OEM has the TPM sensors.
When I returned to them within the 1/2 hour, they told me the rings have no problems. Once the tires are installed, the rings play no part in the driving. They were there to aid the mounting of the wheels.

If there's any bent on the rims, would the road force balance show it?

If there's any defect on the tires, would the road force balance show it?

If it's the mounting (torque or something), they have been mounted the 3rd time be 2 different shops...

Someone explained that it is due to the characteristic of WM70 when they are brand new. When they become a little worn, the vibration should go away???? Is that a myth just to pacify me?