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Originally Posted by mdoughty View Post
i doubt a le mans gt car would be quicker.

Bmw m3 gt2 specs are 2860#, 470 horsepower

sprint cup 2013 car is 3240#, 900 horsepower

thats a huge difference in handling on the straightaways, and would presumably offset any advantage the current gt2 would have in the corners, which i doubt would be as significant as you would think. there is a ton of money and smart ppl in the series, second only to f1 in that regard.
Everything you stated is a fact. Further more yes F1 is more technical but to me the racing sucks. There a swarm of engineers that have left f1 to come to Nascar.
Although the gt2 cars etc are fast in the corners they are quite the dogs on the straits.
Look at it fromt his perspective too, many cup drivers have raced the rolex cars and did very well, running up front and leading alot. Lots of rolex drivers etc have stepped into a cup car and they suck. Danica Patrick thought the same thing and she struggles to stay on the lead lap.
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