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Blizzak WS70 vibration on dry road

I have put on a set of WS70, only have had 1 minor snow storm so far. They performed well, but need to be tested in heavy snow storm and icy condition before I can comment.

BUT the biggest complaint is the vibration on dry road between 60-80mph. I had it since day 1. I returned to tire shop within 1/2 hour, they re-balanced (road force balance) for me and found 1 tire needing to rotate between rim and tire. Honestly it didn't help. Tire shop told me at the time the weather was too warm (10 deg C). They told me the tires will perform well after awhile.

After 2 weeks, I couldn't stand it because even my wife was complaining about the vibration in the passenger seat. It was embarrassing.

I took it to a different tire dealer and paid for the re-balancing (same road force type), and found 2 tires were out by 0.5g. It had a slight improvement but the shimmy still there.

The car (2008 535i) ran perfectly with my summer 245/40/18. These are 225/50/17 with after market rims with the plastic insert. Would that be the problem?

Any recommendation to get rid of the shimmy on these WS70 ?