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Originally Posted by m3an View Post
Why would you run a 275/30? I run a 275/35 and its perfect. And I'm dropped with no rubbing
I guess that's exactly what I'm asking. With the tread width being the same is there an advantage to running a tire that's 1.1% taller than stock vs 2.7% shorter than stock?

One advantage of going smaller is the 30 tire is 1.7lbs lighter than the 35 tire. The 30 is 3.8% smaller than the 35 and is able to put that much more force to the ground.

Originally Posted by Porschefile View Post
I wouldn't do the same width and different profiles front and rear, then you can't rotate. It would be a bummer to have 265 front and rear and not be able to rotate. I run 295/30/19 AD08 on KW CS with the tire about flush with the fender and have no rubbing. If I was in your situation I'd switch to a different tire that is offered in 285/30 or 295/30 that fits, it would be disappointing to me to downsize that much.
Since I'm running the stock ZCP wheels I can't rotate them anyway. I was running the AD08 295/30 rear which I liked a lot but the tread life wasn't great. They were bald in under a year so I wanted to try the PSS. Based on what I read they're almost as good as the AD08s but have a much better tread life.

Originally Posted by JAdamz View Post
I'm still on my original Pirellis from the factory on my E92 ZCP but am considering switching to a 275 front/295 rear PSS setup come Spring. What about the width of the tires do you dislike, aside from the rubbing?
The rubbing is definitely the biggest issue. They don't rub much during normal driving but as the "fun" picks up or going over a dip mid turn it rubs good. I'm just concerned it's going to rub a lot at the track. I'm not sure what it's rubbing on but if it's a panel clip that's probably not good. Maybe someone that has run the 295/30 PSS can chime in.

Aside from the rubbing it's just visually a little too big for my taste. The AD08s were perfect in the same size. The PSS tires bulge over the rim a lot more and just look bigger. Aesthetically the AD08s looked better to me. If you must have a 295 they're the way to go.
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