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Originally Posted by williyam View Post
Winter season's kicking in and we probably won't be seeing many meets so I'd like to set up a meet before the holidays. It's going to be in the high 40s and low 50s this week so it shouldn't be too cold. The meet will be at the Fresh Meadows Shopping Center parking lot. Although I haven't seen M meets here, I've seen Mazda meets and they are general undisturbed by law enforcement and go fine. If we can get more than 7-8 people, this can be arranged so please reply if you're interested as I will begin to make a list here. I'm thinking from 6 to 9ish PM.


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40-50 is hot as shit. lol I am driving my modified E92 M3 in 10-15 degree weather here in Maine/New Hampshire. As long as there is no snow/ice you are good to go.

BTW it doesnt get cold on the east coast. Don't know why east coasters think it gets cold here, it doesn't. Try living in Barrow or Kotzebue for a couple years then come talk to me. It was 32 today and I was hot as hell. lol

-15 F was the high and -17 was the low today. Just wait till the wind kicks up and the high is -20 F. you can forget it. Also imagine 6 inches thick of ice on the roads. You can see down to the pavement.

Anyway sorry done ranting about the weather here.

I wish I could come down but working during the holiday. Have to run up to Canada.

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