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Originally Posted by PrometheusM3 View Post
I also work in this area (Jamboree and 405 actually) and would also second the notion of someone who knows you, or your car.

As everyone who lives and works in the Irvine area knows, M3s are seriously a dime a dozen. (Especially white and/or silver ones.) There are also way nicer cars around. Maybe not nicer cars normally parked outside overnight, but still - a random attack seems unlikely. I've seen AMGs and Porsches parked overnight in my garage who obviously thought nothing of it (granted - I'm a little closer to Newport, and covered, but still.)

All my friends and I have modded (and conspicuously-colored) Ms, and the only place we've had any problems has been out of OC. (A concert in San Bernardino ended up with a keying and a stolen side gill.)

As a member of the M family, my condolences go out to you in this difficult time. That said, you have insurance, and it looks like a great opportunity to get a new paint job. All is not lost.
I also live in this area but I work in Downtown LA. However, I am always driving around those buildings and my wife works nearby.

It really freaks me out to see this stuff but I also have a hard time thinking its random, but who knows parking overnight could have drew in some crazy drunks kids (not common in the area).

I also agree, there are tons of M3s heavily modded, GTRs, AMGs, R8s all around this place. I was actually suprised at how many of my neighbors have M3s which made my car feel common...hence the mod bug.
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