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need some help diagnosing plz

hey all, so recently my car has been making a funny rubbing type sound that i can feel in the car. originally i thought it was coming from the front, but now i believe it is coming from the middle/rear. It only occurs when turning, and NOT full lock. about 1/2 way and more when turning right than left. it sounds like a rubbing sound and occasionally results in minute speed changes. it is also much more noticeable when going very slowly.

i just recently put on my winters with a 12mm spacer in the front. the sound did not start after that. it started after I had bmw change 2 of my tires (left - p.s. tires are within a few hundred km of each other, they are not mismatched), so i thought maybe it's something they did.

so since originally i thought it was coming from the front I :

-raised each front corner, freely spun wheels, sound good

-took each front tire off, spun just the rotor and looked both sides, good. no hanging detached plastic anywhere in the wheel well

-measured each front rotor (I have AP kit), maximum wear is 0.5mm on front left, which is <2mm recommended replacement

-retorqued all wheels, good

-drove around, still making the sound

-had a friend of mine sit in car with me and he brought up the idea that it's coming from the rear and after careful listening, i am of this opinion

-he thinks its the diff....which would fit with why this happens when car is turning and why its coming from rear. it makes sense. i agree

any opinions before i go to BMW?

thx all for your help

****check posts 11 and 12 for updates

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