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Oh Sean oh Sean, here you sit conjuring up more lies on top of the mountain that already exists.

Explain to me a few things; why did Arkym stop replying to me? Conveniently right around SEMA time. Are they still at SEMA? Camping and waiting for the next one to begin? The whole 3-4 week turnaround thing was pure BS, you and I both know that. I had a SPONSOR of this board, that everyone knows and trusts, ready to leave his car with Arkym for ONE day, after we had already waited 5-6 weeks for them to confirm the hood was ready, and their reply? Sorry, you will have to leave it for 3 days. Lol, I thought any company of integrity would at least be good with having a schedule and knowing installation of the hood would only take 3-5 hours (Arkym's words not mine).

I came to San Jose, California. But nowhere in my e-mails/posts does it say I would sit down with you guys to get to a resolution. In fact, on my thread, I posted my e-mails with Arkym. Not with you because those ones are already out in the open and we (Bobby and I) have not exchanged some in quite a while, oh wait, since you guys decided to transfer me directly to Arkym, who by the way have NO PHONE NUMBER? BS #2 right there.

Before I was to leave for San Jose, 100% I called Bobby, absolutely no denying that fact here, just I have been up front and truthful about this whole process the entire time. How did that phone call go? I'll explain it to you in a shorter, more simpler way;

ME: Bobby if you send me over the shipping label tomorrow, I will send it back to you guys, and it should arrive right when I do, can I come to the shop to get my refund and you guys can inspect it when I'm there to ensure we're both satisfied?
BOBBY: Sorry, only the manager deals with giving refunds and he's on holiday. (Isn't convenient that whenever an issue arises these managers always seem to be on holiday? Why would the manager even go on holiday during one of the busiest times of the year, black Friday? Christmas?)
ME: Umm, OK, why is that? Every department has their own head officer, you can take my $$ but not refund it? Seems strange but anyways, just out of curiosity when will he be back?
BOBBY: Oh, the 1st of December so you will have come and gone by then.
ME: Bobby, that's Saturday, I will be there the following Tuesday so he will be back 100%?
BOBBY: Umm, yes sure he will be back, we will see what we can do.

Never seen anyone hang up the phone so quickly.

Why on earth would I even go through with that, he's lost every ounce of integrity that you guys possibly had. There's no trust, no confidence. For all I know, which is something I believe in strongly, you guys will just get the hood and give me ZERO refund.

So come on guys, where is the hood Arkym had initially made me for replacement? When will they be back from SEMA? When will you guys stop acting like clowns and thinking you are being completely truthful? I had let this come to complete rest and was willing to just drive with this crap hood until spring came around but you decided to come on this thread with more 1/2 truths and full lies? Come on guys.

PS; what happened to your vendor status? Forget to pay the renewal fee and now have to wait several days? Never seen that happen with the TOP board sponsors.

Have a great day PYSpeed.

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We're just waiting for our Vendor Status to be reinstated due to the renew date.

Your issues has not been taken care of because now your the one who is playing hide and seek here. Bobby had called you several times and left you messages regarding the issue. We offered you a refund if you ship the hood back. We also offer to give you labels to have the hood shipped back. Your last call to Bobby requested for us to do a full refund and refused to ship the hood back. So according to this, I'm not to sure who is right and who is wrong.

We're being totally fair to take back the hood after the fact that you have used the hood. You ran it on your car for more than 1.5 months. During the 1.5 months, we didn't question the condition of the hood. Through many retail policies, any merchandise purchase and returned must be in good condition. Running the hood for that long without storing it away already was an exception to this policy.

For all those that think we don't want to work with this customer, it's a false statement. There's only so much we can do when the customer does not cooperate with the resolution policies.

Also, BMW Fanatic stated that he would pay us a visit when he was in California, Apparently he never showed up. We were going to have a sit with him and come to a resolution.

As far as all this, I believe PYSpeed has already offered what was needed to solve the issue. To recap:
  • When we first learned of the issue, we offered to have Arkym help him with the hood adjustment
  • Customer and body shop seem to refuse and claimed that it's a bad product.
  • We negotiated for the customer to have a hood replace with a brand new one. Pending a 3-4 week turnaround time
  • Yes there was a delay to due issues with SEMA and other aspects which we were not informed of.
  • We offered to take the hood back after the customer used it for so long.
  • Customer refused to take off the hood and stated that he would have no hood for his daily driver
  • Customer called asking us to refund full payment without returning the hood.

I'm willing to work with you regarding this issue. But let's be fair to both parties. Looking to hear back from you.



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