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Originally Posted by kawasaki00 View Post
It is a totally different experience for sure. A current cup car, not one of the wore out ride a long cars will run a circle around any car on the road. Absolutely no comparison. We test at a lot of road courses, most places like VIR, road atlanta, etc the cup car is even faster than a superbike.
That's no surprise... bikes can't go through the corners nearly as well. They haul ass on the straights, but don't have anywhere near the same cornering ability of a decent track car, even a street legal one.

But yeah, a sprint cup car would eat up a M3 on a road course in straights and corners and brake zones. I don't know how the brakes "feel" because I haven't driven a sprint cup car, but they decel way faster than a M3 can.

OP, if it felt like it "handled like a dump truck" something was wrong with the setup or the tires were frigid or something. They can pull way more g's than a M3, even a M3 on sticky tires.