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Originally Posted by Munit View Post
Your missing the point of the thread.

Unless you have driven a 1 series than you probably were under the impression that I was until I had a 1 series recently for a week. The interior room and seat width are so close to the 3 series that the difference is impercievable. I did say the backseat was smaller. But for 2 people upfront the difference is non-existent or not noticable.

The charts up above do not give any internal inside space measurements.

The point of the thread is given they can make a 1 series that is 400 or more pounds lighter than the m3 yet has almost identical front room space and seats, than why can't a smaller and lighter exterior m3 be built with a smaller external body and chassis like the 1 series.

People are demanding bigger inside the cabin and tech. I do not know if the M market is demanding bigger cars that have the same cabin room. That is the part I do not get.

If the 1 was quite a bit smaller inside than this would not be a question. It seems they got almost the same interior room in a car that is 400-500 pounds less and more nimble-really qualities the m3/4 strives for.
you can approximate interior space using the dimensions provided, but I am not going to spoonfeed any further. four more inches of wheelbase and 2-3 inches of width is a significant difference. I owned a 135i for 3 years and your perception is simply, inaccurate. as another member already mentioned, BMW did make a M car sized like a 1-series for customers who wanted one.