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Originally Posted by shah269 View Post
JUDAAS! $1,800 for a fucking bag! Are you serious!
My x was a product manager for Channel not LV though she had many friends who did and they were also cute and fun and very very smart!
If you want to ever meet amazing women look there! My x had to masters one i math and the other in marketing. Simply amazing women...shame the distance thing was too much...but i digress!

$1,800 for a freaking bag! WTF! To put that in perspective, add another $200 and you can obtain you’re A license for skydiving.
$1,800 is a ticket to Australia?
$1,800 is a vacation to Belize where you can stay for a week and learn how to scuba dive?

And yeah $20/$60….who cares! That’s my god profit margin for something that has really no intrinsic value and has a customer shelf life of what…6 months?
Hookers and blow may bring you more joy than one of those bags…but per speaking with my x regarding the subject she did make it sound like it was the hookers and blow for many women. Forgoing feeding their kids or going into massive debt just to have that next bag.

But amazingly my x, knowing where these things come from and their true worth…preferred $200 bags made by her friends who were artists. Like I said she was a very amazing woman.

Either way man good luck with whatever you are buying her. As for quality….really? Is it real quality or are you just justifying the cost?
Leather is leather is leather is leather…especially when it’s died and printed and stitched by machine?
...And that would be your opinion. Some people might think that $2000 to jump out of a plane is a waste of money. Some people might think a $50,000 BMW is wasteful when you can buy a Honda for $20,000 or less that serves the same purpose.

It's no secret that there is a huge profit margin on luxury items. The majority of people that have the discretionary income to buy these things know that.

And now that your "ex" worked at Chanel, not LV, you're story and its pricing becomes even more unrealistic. I bought my wife one of the least expensive Chanel bags last year, at a cost of $4500. They don't make anything in the realm of $200. It's pretty clear you have no understanding of the luxury goods market by your shell shock of an $1800 bag.