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Originally Posted by enfield View Post
Coming back to God being unjust. God is perfect - right? So I have to only prove it being unjust just once to destroy "The God Delusion."

What do you have to say about Canaan being punished because his daddy Ham saw his granddad Noah sh*t faced and nudie dancing? Cannan wasn't there and did no wrong. What an unjust God!! This God is unjust and thus imperfect. This is a false God.
I do apoligize for the confusion but what do you mean by the about phrase that i have made bold??

I didnt find anything about Noah dancing while being drunk and i dont even know what that first part means(lets keep it that way).

Genesis 9:21 "Then he drank of the wine and was drunk, and became uncovered in his tent.

by fobunited
Canann's reaction as opposed to his brothers reaction is what was wrong. He merely saw his dad, and did nothing to protect him from shame. His brothers, upon hearing this from Canaan, protect their father. Furthermore, it was Noah who punished him, not God.
+1 if you saw your father sleeping naked on the porch would you go around and tell everyone?

if i were you i would reconsider arguing so strongly that God is unjust/Jesus never exsisted/ the Bible is a lie.... because it seems that you are getting all your info from online sources that clearly only persue to make fun of the Bible...

There is no way you can Logically bring me to a conclusion that Jesus never existed because I HAVE EXPERIENCED CHRIST AND HE IS IN MY HEART and no one can take that away.... its that leap of FAITH you have to take that brings you into a relationship with Christ..
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