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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
Does not conform to the BMW i8.

Of the planned M branded Sports Car. Think history revisited. Mutually exclusive , not accessible and not a rival to the Audi R8.
Just exactly like the M1 in the 1970's.

BMW are keen on the more individualistic aspect that McLaren have with the MPC 4-12 and keep it away from being pigeon holed and eventually fade into the background as the more "commercial" Audi R8.
There is contradiction in every statement BMW (or you?) make. First no BMW M Supercar because demand would not enough high. BMW doen't want such a "failure" as the LFA. Now, BMW wants a supercar super exclusive, not something as common as an R8. This makes no sense.

What about a BMW "Cayman GT3", the P-Car that Porsche doesn't want to build because it will be faster than its "holy" 911. This again shows how BMW is no more the Ultimate Driving Machine, but rather the Ultimate Money Machine. BWM M cars are just sold for their badge, but because it now gets deluted, BMW needs a Halo-M-car.
Recently BMW (or you?) said BMW is not a supercar maker, they only build sporty cars for daily usability? Has that change in a few months?

All that BMW needs to build is a Z4 M Coupé, or what ever they call it, that is and dual-clvery light, has two seats, RWD, both manual utch transmission. Best engine option would be S65, but one can dream of.

But again, why would BMW care, the person who demands that (me, only?), has not spoken with his wallet. Sure because the sales man said "that is not possible". On the other hand I don't have the money to get a custom built Z4 M Coupé V8.