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Originally Posted by bvanderbilt View Post
Not true. ED M3s started coming out of dealer allocations so most dealers now want at least ED MSRP to make some profit, and many won't do ED at all even at MSRP because ED is a lot of extra work and the dealer supposedly does not get AVP money. But a dealer can still sell you a M3 at ED invoice + mark-up if he has an allocation and wants to move it. You will need to pay more markup than in the past; clearly the days of ED invoice + $250 are over for now -- but likely not the 5K markup USA port of entry would represent.
The best you'll get is a little less than ED MSRP.. that's if you get a dealer to work with you. Then add the price of the trip. At that point you're better off getting a US invoice price.

Unless you're planning to go to Germany anyway...